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About Me

Justin Ryan

Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, Justin has always been an active person and intrigued by the human body and its capabilities. Surrounded by nature and steeped into the culture of the ancient Hawaiians, he became more and more interested in the natural way of healing and self – care. Due to some basketball and surf injuries, he finally gave in and introduced yoga into his lifestyle. He was amazed by its healing properties and results. But what caught his main interest was the human anatomy and the way how massage therapy can set the body’s natural way to heal itself in motion.


Being an automotive and diesel technician for over twenty years, he decided to make a career change and enrolled at the University of Hawaii KCC to become a massage therapist. He has since graduated and is a certified massage therapist. He is trained in LomiLomi, shiatsu, sports, medical, cancer, pregnancy massage as well as reflexology, trigger point therapy, and acupressure. While learning medical massage from instructor Ralph Stephens (2017's CE Teacher of the Year and 2008 massage therapy hall of fame inductee) He was introduced to NRT in a short demonstration that was provided by Ralph. He was blown away by its effectiveness and is currently the first master certified neural reset therapist in the state of Hawaii.  

   What is neural reset therapy? click on the "FAQ" page to learn more about the various techniques used in my work.

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