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״Master Certified Neural Reset Therapist״

The first 

"Master Certified

Neural Reset Therapist"

in the state of Hawaiʻi, a licensed massage therapist since 2014.

״Relief from chronic pain״ 

״Alleviate dysfunctional muscles״

Feel the difference after one session

It makes a difference

         Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) provides rapid muscular pain relief by working more directly with the nervous system.


        NRT is developed by Lawrence Woods and derived from the work of two great scientist, Sherrington and Pfluger, who investigated the nervous system over a century ago to uncover its basic operating laws of physiology The Law of Reciprocal Inhibition and the law of Symmetry has mostly remained in the laboratory until now. NRT is a practical, rapid and reliable way to apply these laws of physiology with this advanced form of manual therapy. 

        Muscles are controlled by the nervous system. Proper application of NRT resets the nervous system to release a muscle from excessive tension. With the release, the knots, pain, and tightness are gone, Joint mobility and posture are improved. 


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